Iver Community Libraries
Following the decision by Bucks County Council in early 2006 that they would no longer provide a library in Iver Village or Richings Park, a public meeting was called by South Bucks District Council to help mobilise the local community into finding a replacement service. Out of this meeting two local residents task-forces were formed to Both communities were circulated with a questionnaire to gauge the likely support there would be for a locally-managed replacement service. The results of the survey showed that the current library service would be sorely missed and that a volunteer-led community service would find strong support both morally and financially. The two task-forces found that the Iver Educational Trust ( IET )that operated out of the St Peters Centre was a strong supporter of such local initiatives and would be of massive assistance to each of them. It was thus resolved that both task-forces would merge to form one Community Libraries Group and to partner with IET to further the objectives of running our own Community Library Branches. In order to obtain maximum tax benefits via Grant Aid tax relief and to qualify as a legal entity for the purpose of signing leases and employing staff, a company limited by guarantee was formed on August 18th, 2006 called Iver Community Libraries Ltd (ICLL). ICLL has also been registered with the Charity Commissioners. At the start, Bucks County Council ( BCC ) showed an interest in what we were doing and stated that if we could come up with a viable business plan then they would be prepared to rent us the current Iver Library premises at a non-commercial rate and also supply us with an initial book stock at cheap rates. Unfortunately, despite much contact and many discussions, they turned us down at the final hour without any warning at all. We were still determined to go ahead and had support both moral and financial from Iver Parish Council and South Bucks District Council. In Richings Park it was fortunate that Cornerstone was able to let us have their back room for a branch library. Due to a lack of funding though we were finally forced to close this branch at the end of March 2013. Following the purchase of the Iver Police Station by Iver Parish Council in 2018 we were offered use of the shared community space that has been created in the building. We have been in contact with Bucks Library Services who have granted us “agency” status for their “click and collect” scheme. This enables us/you to order books from the service which will be delivered to the community library where you can collect them from and return them to when you have read them. We also maintain a small stock of up-to-date fiction and young children’s titles to browse and borrow.