Iver Community Libraries
The agreed corporate objects for Iver Community Libraries Ltd are:- To advance the education of the public by the operation, promotion and improvement of public library facilities and associated activities in the interest of social welfare, recreation and leisure in the parish of Iver. To work with local statutory authorities and Iver Educational Trust to meet these aims. We wish everyone in Iver to: · Be healthy · Stay safe · Enjoy and achieve · Make a positive contribution · Achieve economic well-being through providing resources and opportunities within a library setting. The Iver library project has a main focus in reaching children, although there will be activities which reach out to older people. It is about making sure that all age groups in society can have a good life, whoever they are, and no matter what problems they may face. The aim is to make everyone aware of the activities children and young people need to help them to be happy, successful, healthy and safe. We want our children and young people to · Develop life long learning skills for further learning · Become more socially aware · Become good citizens We also wish to: · Improve work opportunities and experience for people with learning disabilities · Raise their quality of life · Reduce the risk of Social Exclusion · Assist with information and offering support We also wish that · Older people should have the opportunity to participate in society, including through employment and volunteering, and should not have to overcome age barriers to achieve this. · Older people are free from the disadvantages of, isolation and neglect, so they can live with dignity as valued, respected and involved members of society. Our Mission To provide learning and information resource centres within Iver Village/Richings Park To encourage a reading culture with young people To develop recreational and artistic opportunities in partnership with Iver Parish Council To build sound relationships with the parents, children, young people and elderly who are at risk of social exclusion To work in partnership with various partners to make Iver Village and Richings Park fulfilling places to live. These partners are: Iver Educational Trust; South Bucks District Council; Bucks County Council; Iver Parish Council; Iver Infant School; Iver Junior School; WI; Village Hall; FISA ; L & Q Beacon Housing; Chiltern and South Bucks Voluntary Action